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 Dear Journal/People of the World,

WOWWW! Has it been a WHILE SINCE IVE WRITTEN. Tonight i went to a college fair with Megan. It pisses me off about how we're olanning our futures and high school isnt over yet. Im convinced it never ends. Yesterday was just a great day, weirdly enough. John came over (late :P) and we were gonna go to youth ministry but decided against it. Instead we walked to work and smoked a couple of cigs on the way back. It was my last pack. I'm happy I had my last cigarette with him. I'm done for a while, it's hurting me, literally. Asthma sucks. But I don't know why but it was a great day. We went to narnia (g-ma's secret closet with the baby crib) and just fist fought eachother on gugh's couch for a bit. We went back to my house and cuddled and rolled around on my bed. Same shit we always do, abuse eachother. It was just great. As much as he doesnt see it, I missed him a lot. Just me hanging out with him makes me happy. To be honest, I dont give a motherfucking shit how much megan hates him. He's my bestfriend and I love him to death and beyond. Fuck megans shittt. 

Whatever, the fun. concert is coming up at bowery ballroom so im excited :D<3 I hope I can actually gooooo. I hope the stupid wedding isnt that day. Whatever. I really hope nobody ever finds this. I'm picky bout ppl finding my tumblr, let alone my livejournal haha.

C'est la vie,
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